Storytelling is my passion. At 16 I wrote a piece critical of the SAT that was published in the Chicago Tribune. I followed it a few months later with a column on race relations at my high school that landed in Newsweek, resulting in hundreds of letters and an appearance on “Good Morning America.” Since then, I knew what I wanted to do with my life: Tell stories.

One way or another, that what’s I do for my clients. It can be a series of blogs for a startup, a social media campaign for a product launch, a PowerPoint presentation to a select audience, a position paper for a nonprofit, a video documentary of an annual conference, or any combination thereof. Platforms change, mediums evolve, but I’m always telling a story.

A former journalist, I’ve worked at a half dozen news outlets in print, radio, and television. I began as a newspaper reporter during a period of seismic shifts in the industry, as web hits replaced print circulation and tweeting stories became the norm. As a producer for the NPR weekly broadcast of Global Journalist, my job was to think up story ideas based on world events and find foreign correspondents to discuss them. And in television, I was among the first generation of “one-person band” reporters that could write, edit, interview and shoot video all in one.

Along the way I earned a master’s degree in strategic communication from the Missouri School of Journalism, which included a semester in Belgium researching how Europe uses social media in comparison to the U.S. I also completed a four-month internship on Procter & Gamble’s External Relations team in Brussels, where I wrote case studies on product recalls and presented results and rationale to senior management.

I consider myself multimedia in every sense of the word, a versatile communicator in a high-tech age. Think we can do business together? Don’t be shy. I’m only a call, text, email, tweet or FB message away.